Photography Services

Service Price
1 Awesome Photo $25
2 Awesome Photos $45
6 Awesome Photos $125
Half-Day (4-hour) Photoshoot with 12 Awesome Photos $250
Full-Day (8-hour) Photoshoot with 24 Awesome Photos $450

I am open to trading services for services, or goods for services. Make your offer!

Style Options

Style Description
Realistic [Default] Keep photos true to their natural photographic colors, contrast, and brightness.
Polished Play with colors, contrast, and brightness a little bit to make photos pop more, but nothing crazy.
Artistic Art is personal. Take a look at my Visual Art page and click “Favorites” to see how I like to get creative. You can request any specific art style like black and white, old photo, cool/warm filter, etc, or leave it up to chance (me).

Available upon request:

  • Original photography for the day in raw and/or jpeg format.
  • Also, please let me know if you do not want to allow me to reproduce or share your photos.

Extraneous costs will be added to final bill.

  • $0.25 per mile of travel

Email me using the form below.